• Rods & shareholders use the Fishery entirely at their own risk. The Company accepts no liability for loss, damage or injury.
  • All persons using the Fishery should read and make themselves familiar with the risk assessment which is reviewed at the beginning of each season. A copy of the assessment is displayed on the Lodge notice board and published on the website.

Licence & subscriptions

  • No one may fish unless in possession of the appropriate Environment Agency licence.
  • Annual subscriptions are due on February 1st. If subscriptions are not paid by the 1st March, the rod may be lost.
  • Membership cards and E.A. licences should be carried at all times, on the Fishery.

Use of Premises

  • The gates and the Lodge must be kept locked.
  • Parking is by the Lodge or upper car park, there is no parking on the access road. 
  • All vehicles should be secured when left unattended.
  • All litter (whether emanating from a rod/shareholder or not), must be removed or placed in a bin. All cans & bottles must be taken away and not put in the bin.
  • In particular hooks and discarded line must be disposed of correctly.
  • There will be no taking of fruit, logs or other perks from the Fishery without permission from the management team.
  • No radios or the like are allowed on the Fishery.
  • No dogs are allowed on the Fishery, without permission from the management team.
  • No persons other than shareholders, paid up rods in possession of their card, or rod’s guests are allowed on the Fishery without prior permission.
  • Temporary, additional and emergency rules and other information will be displayed on the Lodge notice board, and published on the website.
  • Rods will be deemed to be acting bailiffs whilst on the Fishery. Unauthorised persons shall be asked to leave and a member of the management team informed as soon as possible.
  • The Company’s land, property and equipment shall not be interfered with.


  • The membership is not transferable.
  • At the discretion of the management team; rods may be shared with family members i.e. parent, spouse, or child (over the age of ten). At such times only one rod may be used, and the rod or shareholder must be in attendance.
  • Non-fishing guests are not permitted, without prior permission of the management team.
  • Guests must be accompanied by a rod and should start a catch return and pay, prior to fishing.


  • The fishing season shall start at dawn on the 1st September until sunset on the 31st May The Fishery will be closed for June,July and August.
  • Rods may not fish on a Monday, unless it is a bank holiday, in which case there is no fishing on the Tuesday.
  • Fishing may start at dawn and continue until sunset.
  • Fishing shall be with a single fly on a single hook, no larger than size 10, whether a dry, emerger, nymph, wet or lure. However, rods may also combine a dry/emerger pattern with another dry/emerger. Rods may also combine a dry/emerger with a nymph, fished either ‘New Zealand’ or ‘Duo’ style.
  • Whilst not mandatory, the management team encourage the use of barbless hooks.
  • No shooting head or lead core lines are to be used.
  • The daily limit is 5 rainbows (which are to be retained), the weekly limit is 15 rainbows.  Brown trout (which are to be returned), do not count towards your limit. If a brown trout is injured, please dispose of it and note it on your return.
  • Use your own landing nets.
  • No wading, bathing, boating or float tubes are allowed.
  • No day tickets.


  • All persons fishing whether shareholder, rod or guest must start a catch return with their name and the date, prior to fishing.
  •  All fish caught (whether rainbow, brown, carp or perch), must be recorded on the catch return.
  • Nil returns must be recorded.


  • Due courtesy must be shown to all other Fishery users.
  • Rods are expected to implement the policy of conserving and encouraging the wildlife on the Fishery.
  • Rods are also encouraged to support the Fishery by attending working parties, and with any suggestions for improvements.