Boxmoor Trout Fishery


The fishery is located in Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire. The lake is sited in redeveloped watercress beds. The land was purchased by local residents, to prevent development, and was excavated in the 1970’s for use as a trout fishing lake.
To the South side of the lake is a small dwelling or cottage once used by watercress workers as a residence. It is located on local maps and may be in excess of 100 years old. Beyond this dwelling is the Grand Union Canal.
To the North are domestic chalet style dwellings separated from the lake by the River Bulbourne. To the East is a road with a well-maintained ‘four species’ cattle proof hedge.
To the West of the lake is scrubland; this backs onto the gardens of a large domestic residence. The lake is ‘spring fed’ from artesian wells once used to supply the watercress beds. The chalk filters the water supplying the lake and comes from the Chiltern Hills. The water from the artesian wells has been found to be particularly pure and suitable for use in high quality aquaria.
The lake, some 3 acres, has a shallow border and depths ranging from 6’ to 14’ with a bed of gravel and flint. The lake flows into the River Bulbourne to the East via a small weir which controls the flow from the lake.
Rainbows (which are retained when caught), are imported regularly, the resident brown trout are all catch & release.

The lake also supports a good population of perch, the prolific fry adding to the healthy insect life in the diet of the trout.

“The gods do not subtract from the allotted span of men’s lives
the time spent fishing” An Assyrian tablet from 2000BC



We have re-opened for fishing, but within the guidelines recommended by the Angling Trust.

Please contact us for further details.